What do circus elephants, getting high, and golf skirts have in common?

They’ve all been my clients. In my 35 years of PR experience, I’ve seen and done all of it. From driving a circus clown across town at 5am racing to a morning show interview only to get pulled over for speeding to lounging on one of the world’s most exclusive private islands to planning a cannabis-infused dinner, it was all in a day’s work. The reality is that I wouldn’t still be in this business if I wasn’t good. And if I didn’t find it fun. For me, the fun comes in learning about new industries and tackling the unique challenges that come with getting stories published on my clients. 

What really sets me apart? I’m old school. It’s strategy that drives me. I’m organized (some say to a fault) but any PR campaign is only as good as the true strategy behind it. I follow a very traditional model of target audiences, key messages, story angles, and a really solid media list.

Let’s play 5 questions:

1. Dogs or cats? I own both but will never NOT have a dog in my life. My husband says there is a statue of me in dog heaven.

2. Yoga pants or pants suit? Definitely yoga pants. I’m a Florida girl so I can’t tell you the last time I wore dress shoes. Flip flops complement yoga pants.

3. Where you’ll find me on a Friday night? Haha! Where you’ll find me every other night of the week. At home on my couch, with my dog’s head in my lap, and a glass of wine in my hand.

4. Favorite vacation spot? This is a loaded question. I love to travel. I mean really really LOVE. If I had to choose, I’d say laying in a hammock on a beautiful beach. With a cocktail of course!

5. The calling I missed? Don’t laugh. But I really wish I had gone to medical school and become a surgeon. I became fascinated with medicine in my 20s as my father battled cancer. I actually considered med school at that point but was newly married and felt the timing wasn’t right. Regrets. Sigh…

I also write a silly little blog.