Cannabis PR

When it comes to publicity, the cannabis industry is a whole new ball of weed (see what I did there?). It takes a lot of skill, education, and contacts to be successful in this emerging industry. Through my partnership with other PR firms including Kip Morrison Associates and Campbell Consulting, I’ve worked with some of the industry’s top brands including Heavy Hitters, Eden Extracts, Garden of Eden, Grupo Flor, Envirocann, Mammoth Distribution, Bae vapes, Heavy Grass, Royal Highness Boutique Dispensary, and others.

Here’s just a quick look at some of the coverage I’ve obtained:

Thought leadership
Cannabis Industry Journal: Comparable to Organic: How This California Company Aims to Certify Cannabis
Barron’s: The Next Threat to Big Marijuana Companies Comes From Way South of the Border
Forbes: Darren Gacicia: Discovers Something Unique At The Garden of Eden
CHAMPS Dispensary+: California Cannabis Entrepreneur Shareef El-Sissi Talks Retail And Regulation
MJBiz Daily: California Marijuana Notebook: Seeking permanent relief from licensing headaches

Brand PR
Forbes: BAE Vapes: Superlative Cannabis Oil: Designed Especially For Women
Green Entrepreneur: Cannabis Companies Generously Support Their Communities But Don’t Get to Deduct It From Their Taxes
MG Retailer: Ruth Epstein, Partner at BGP Advisors, Recommends Favorite Cannabis Products
Green Entrepreneur: Holiday Gift? Forget the Jewelry or SmartTV. Instead, Give the Gift of Cannabis
Playboy: For an Even Better Time, Match Your Favorite Sex Positions to the Perfect Cannabis Strain
Emerald Magazine: Introducing Heavy Grass Vapes: Inspired by heavy music and rock culture

Retail PR
MG Retailer: A Modern Makeover: Garden of Eden
Mercury News: Hayward cannabis dispensary gets a makeover
Civilized: Here Are the Best 8 Dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Are

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